• Working with Justin for just over two months has proven one thing: Nothing compares to the personalized structure of private training. I have tried gym training for years. Justin offers a far more effective, results-driven program. I feel better, see faster results, and, above all, feel that for the hour I am there he is […]

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  • I’ve been working out with Justin for nearly two years now and have been really impressed with his knowledge of personal training and fitness. I’ve had several different trainers but feel Justin has really tailored my training sessions to meet my needs (and my body!). The results have been great! I’ve really increased my overall […]

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  • I am a fifty year old marathon runner. I had been experiencing multiple injuries due to too much running without enough overall fitness to support my mileage. My physical therapist suggested that I work with a trainer to help strengthen my core and increase my overall fitness. With this goal in mind I asked Justin […]

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  • It is a pleasure for me to say a few words about my personal trainer, Justin Budovsky. First of all, I have been working with Justin, or shall we say that he has been working with me, for the last few years. I find him to be accepting, supportive, encouraging, non pushy but also goal […]

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Kettlebell Training

I Love Kettlebell Training. Kettlebell training is a workout that uses a bowling ball shaped weight with a handle on it. These intense workouts use all the muscles in the body to target core muscles. They are designed to develop strength, stamina, and stability.

As a personal trainer I workout with kettlebells twice a week, at a very high level of intensity and I totally love them. I am using muscles that I have never felt before. I love training my clients with them; they see a difference in their overall body shape and cardiovascular capacity.

If you have any questions about them please feel free to call me at One On One Fitness Boston or email me.